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365 Lessons To Break Bad Habits

Practice Patience patience May 29, 2024

Patience is a virtue that counteracts many defects of character.

Patience is vital in sobriety because recovery is a gradual process, and expecting instant results can lead to frustration and...

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Accountability For Actions accountability amends patterns May 28, 2024

In my addiction, I made a lot of messes; perhaps you can relate. The disasters must be cleaned up; there’s no getting around the work. It's uncomfortable but a crucial step in mending fences...

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Examine Relationship Patterns patterns relationships May 27, 2024

Analyze patterns in your relationships. Recognizing these patterns is essential for building healthier connections. Let’s focus on three patterns: Social, Emotional, and Routine Patterns.

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Why Getting Sober Is Hard road to sobriety sober life May 26, 2024

Getting sober is challenging due to the complex interplay of physical dependency, psychological factors, and environmental influences, all of which necessitate significant lifestyle changes....

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Chrissy Teigen's Sober Journey celebrity profile chrissy teigen May 25, 2024

Chrissy Teigen's choice to embrace sobriety was a desire for a healthier life. Teigen, a model, author, and television personality, made the conscious decision to stop drinking, not because of a...

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Visualize Compassion compassion visualization May 24, 2024

Visualize responding to challenges with compassion, a potent antidote to many defects.

Showing compassion is vital because it connects us to others and creates a sense of belonging. It helps reduce...

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Check Your Personal Inventory patterns personal inventory May 23, 2024

There’s a lot of talk about personal inventories, and it’s essential to understand our shortcomings. However, you might not understand what to write when compiling an inventory....

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How to Breathe breathing impulsive urges meditations May 22, 2024

It might seem silly to talk about breathing. Most people will say, “I get it. Take in oxygen and let your lungs do their magic. Eventually, the heart will pump oxygen in the blood. What is...

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Positive Affirmations loving kindness meditation meditations positive affirmations self love May 21, 2024

Extend love and compassion to yourself and others, addressing defects with understanding.

We need to understand that defects don’t define our worth. Everyone has flaws; they don’t make...

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Go to Treatment rehab treatment May 20, 2024

Treatment is expensive, but you know what’s free? Addiction. That costs nothing, but the damage to your life and relationships can be irreparable. No amount of money can fix specific damage...

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Reflect on Impulsivity addictive behaviors impulsive urges May 19, 2024

Alcohol and substance abuse can increase impulsivity, which is dangerous not only for the addicted but for those around us as well. There are phases of addiction led by impulsive behaviors, causing...

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