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365 Lessons To Break Bad Habits

Practice Humility humility Jun 23, 2024

Humility allows us to extend compassion to others. By accepting limitations, you come to appreciate the effort of others. Practicing humility is like having a secret superpower. It's not about...

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Alcohol's Impact on Hormones health Jun 22, 2024

Hormones are the body's messengers, orchestrating many functions – from stress response to growth and metabolism. They're crucial in maintaining a delicate balance in our bodies, ensuring...

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Connect To A Higher Power spirituality Jun 21, 2024

I must admit, going into sobriety, I had an issue with the whole “higher power” thing. Much of this stemmed from shifting accountability from myself to a higher power, which seemed...

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"Play the Tape Through" (understanding consequences) sober expressions/sayings Jun 20, 2024


"Playing the tape through" is a cognitive-behavioral technique often used in therapy to help individuals foresee the consequences of their actions. Way back in the day, I did a couple of...

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Sober Celebrity: Drew Barrymore celebrity profile Jun 19, 2024

Drew Barrymore was exposed to substance abuse early in life, finding herself battling addiction to drugs and alcohol as a teenager. Her struggles were heightened by the pressures of growing up...

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Don't Compromise Your Values self-improvement Jun 18, 2024

Stand up for what you believe because there will be temptations. If we don’t know what we stand for, we’ll end up relapsing, restarting the cycle we wish to avoid. As we change, our...

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Acts Of Kindness inspirational kindness Jun 17, 2024

 Thinking with our ego, it’s all me, me, me! Getting outside our heads and thinking of someone else provides fulfillment because we see another soul touched. Simple acts of kindness can...

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The Power Of Now sober life spirituality Jun 16, 2024

Every moment is a new beginning. Your journey to sobriety starts now, with this breath, this step.

Life can be marred by past shadows and future uncertainties. However, the actual moment of change...

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"More Will Be Revealed" sober expressions/sayings Jun 15, 2024

Life isn’t always going to go our way - even in recovery. We’ll lose jobs, get broken up with, and our loved ones will pass away. During these difficult times, it might be hard to cope....

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Romanticizing the Past (Be Careful) road to sobriety Jun 14, 2024

I’ll admit that sometimes it’s fun to romanticize the past. This doesn’t mean we want to relive those moments, though. Appreciating the good times isn’t the same as fueling...

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Connect with a Spiritual Community spirituality Jun 13, 2024

Go where you can find your people. If unsure where that is, visit different environments and communities, such as churches, AA meetings, volunteer groups, or local meetups. In recovery, two minds...

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Watch Out For Environmental Triggers triggers Jun 12, 2024

Environmental triggers are external cues that provoke cravings or remind someone of their substance use. These triggers are particularly challenging because they are often woven into everyday life...

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Recognize Your Positive Traits patience positive affirmations Jun 11, 2024

Addiction can make us feel worthless like we’re wasting our life. That’s because addiction is an unproductive selfish endeavor where nothing gets accomplished except chaos and trouble....

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Don't Be Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired (HALT) road to sobriety sober life Jun 10, 2024

The HALT acronym includes the most significant stressors—hungry, angry, lonely, and tired—which are the most critical stressors on our bodies. It’s essential to check in with your...

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Let Go Of Shame shame Jun 09, 2024

Shame carries cringe moments you’d like to unload and never see again. However, if we don’t get rid of the shame, the load gets heavier, and it’s a constant reminder of our old...

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Meditation on Surrender (Serenity Prayer) meditations Jun 07, 2024

Most of us understand the benefits of meditation, focusing our mind on the present moment to gain clarity and inner peace. However, I’ve found particular mediations are worth repeating....

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Journaling with Intention journaling Jun 06, 2024

Journaling intentions can be a potent practice. It's like setting the stage for one of the most crucial steps in the recovery process. When someone sits down to write about amends, the result can...

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Jim Carrey's Sober Journey celebrity profile Jun 05, 2024

Funny man Jim Carrey has been open about his mental health struggles, though he has not publicly discussed a personal battle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Carrey's openness primarily centers...

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Be Accountable For Yourself accountability Jun 04, 2024

In a small Mexican village, Sara dreamed of changing her life. Tired of the monotony of her daily routine running the family food truck, she decided to pursue her passion for sculpting. However,...

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Journal For Gratitude in Sobriety journaling Jun 03, 2024

If you haven’t embraced journaling, it’s time to do so. By journaling the small things, you’ll gain an appreciation for simplicity.  Write about your struggles, victories, or...

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Small Steps Matter one day at a time Jun 02, 2024

In my late twenties, I was a competitive runner. I ran four marathons one year and qualified for the Boston and New York marathons. I was part of a running group, and one of the members was Emma, a...

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Progress Not Perfection In Sobriety inspirational road to sobriety sober life Jun 01, 2024

Focus on ongoing improvement, not achieving perfection, which isn’t reasonable.


Aiming for perfection isn’t necessary or obtainable. While trying to be perfect is admirable,...

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Beware Of Bad Patterns patterns May 31, 2024

Patterns, like invisible threads, weave the tapestry of our lives. They are the repeated behaviors, thoughts, and decisions that shape our daily existence and, ultimately, our destiny. Once formed,...

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Sobriety Is A Journey, Not A Destination inspirational road to sobriety sober life May 30, 2024

Learning to recover from substance abuse and live sober is a lifelong journey, not a one-day event.

Initially, people are motivated to get sober because new things are exciting, and we start with...

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