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Letting Go Of Control

one day at a time Jul 04, 2024

Release the need to control every aspect of your life. Letting go is the gateway to freedom. I had to let go of control to find my powers because my control resulted in addiction, jail time, stints at rehab, and no money in the bank. Why would I want to hold onto that? Let it go. It was liberating to admit defeat and realize my way got me in trouble.

In the beginning, my substance abuse was fun and even a form of coping or pleasure-seeking. However, over time, my addictive behaviors hijacked my brain’s reward system, which led to compulsive and uncontrollable use. My brain told me, “Do more of that!” and I did. I lost control.

As I tried to regain control, I made promises I couldn’t keep, such as “Tonight only drink wine” or “End the night at 10 pm.” It never happened. I always drank until I passed out at closing time. Attempts to manage control resulted in more out-of-control incidents.

The recovery process involves regaining control over one's life, which includes developing healthier coping mechanisms, rebuilding relationships, and making positive lifestyle changes. Eventually, I took charge of my life and made choices that aligned with better well-being.

Understanding addiction as a struggle for control highlights the complex interplay between biological, psychological, and social factors. Consider how your life has gotten out of control and how giving up control might lead to regaining power.

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