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"Just For Today" I Will Be Better

sober expressions/sayings Jul 01, 2024

The 'Just For Today' approach, emphasizing acceptance rather than forcing everything to adjust to your desires, offers a powerful perspective on life. This approach can be particularly beneficial when you have a few key things to focus on, such as:

“Just for today, I will try to be happy and content, flaws and all. My happiness does not depend on others, and just for today, I will not feel pressured to be anything other than myself - which is enough. Happiness is a result of the peace within me.”

“Just for today, I will stop saying, ‘If I had time.’ There is never enough time. I will have to make time for the things that are important to me.”

“Just for today, I will be serious about my program. I may not follow it perfectly, but I will try.”

You can replace any “Just for today” meditations with your own. Whatever you’re struggling with, try to be better today, right now. Simplify the actions and allot time for the tasks. If it helps, use the expression looking in the mirror - I’ve found it can be more impactful.

Understanding the forces behind this meditation is what gives it power. Stay in the present moment.

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