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Set Boundaries

boundaries Jun 27, 2024

Healthy boundaries are crucial for sobriety.

Your sobriety is sacred. Guard it like a fortress. Set boundaries and let people enter who enhance your life. All others must go. Don’t negotiate your happiness - you have to own it.

When my sobriety was fragile, I had boundaries. One of them was not stepping inside bars or associating with people who frequented places I didn’t belong. This was not something for debate in my life. By owning my boundaries, I found that people respected my convictions. After a while, true friends would suggest something else to do other than a bar or club. Their understanding and support meant the world to me, as it showed they respected my boundaries and valued our friendship.

Setting boundaries can be challenging and awkward initially, but it's also a powerful act of self-determination. You're taking back control by removing any temptations to return to your previous life. It’s time to prioritize yourself and do what’s best for you. Most bars and clubs have a bouncer that decides who gets in and who doesn’t. Be the bouncer in your own life. Kick out those who don’t belong and bring in people who contribute to your new, healthier lifestyle.

Look around - what boundaries need to be set for a healthier environment?

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