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Sober Celebrity: Miley Cyrus

celebrity profile Jun 25, 2024

Miley Cyrus rose to fame at a young age and has publicly discussed her use of marijuana and alcohol in the past but did not explicitly frame her experience within the context of addiction. Instead, her journey towards sobriety stemmed from a personal desire to live a healthier life and to be more present and clear-headed in her daily activities.

The turning point for Cyrus was a combination of factors, including undergoing vocal cord surgery in late 2019 and a desire to maintain the clarity she experienced post-surgery. She recognized the impact of her substance use on her health and ability to perform at her best. Cyrus was also influenced by family history and the desire to avoid the potential pitfalls that can come with substance use.

She prioritized her health and career. Cyrus's decision to be open about her sobriety reflects a broader mindfulness and health consciousness trend, especially among younger celebrities. She has spoken about the benefits of being sober, including increased clarity and a deeper connection with fans.

Miley Cyrus's story demonstrates the importance of conscious lifestyle choices. Her journey encourages others, especially young people, to reflect on their relationship with substances and consider how changes in this area can positively impact their lives.

Cyrus's choice to go public helps normalize the conversation around sobriety. It reminds us that taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle, for whatever reason, is something to be celebrated. Miley’s family has a history of addiction and substance abuse; is this the same for you?

 What addictions are present within your family which may be problematic down the road?

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