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Connect With The Universe

spirituality Jul 07, 2024

Part of healthy sobriety is appreciating simplicity and the value of small things. For instance, tonight, go outside and look up. What do you see? Hopefully, stars—astronomical objects full of hot, glowing gases that we can see from our tiny existence on Earth. Amazing. Think about that: stars in the sky! Best of all, it’s free!

Talk about something greater than yourself.

We pay crazy amounts of money to get into Disney World, go bungee jumping, and experience many other thrills, but everyone takes Mother Nature’s amazement for granted. If stars were only available to view in one part of the world, millions of people would always visit there, paying abhorrent amounts of money to see those amazing objects. But the fact is we can see them freely anywhere in the world. We take amazing things for granted.

Connect with the universe and appreciate its value. Realize you’re just a speck in time and space. That attitude should engender humility and gratitude, attributes needed to maintain sobriety. Next time you view the stars, be amazed because that’s special.

Spend time connecting with the universe. Whether through stargazing or simply enjoying nature, feel the vastness of existence. Be amazed that you’re part of it all.

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