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Connect To A Higher Power

spirituality Jun 21, 2024

I must admit, going into sobriety, I had an issue with the whole “higher power” thing. Much of this stemmed from shifting accountability from myself to a higher power, which seemed abstract. As I worked with a sponsor and researched, I realized a higher power was essential to remove myself as the center of the universe. For years, in my addiction, it was all about me; I was my own higher power. Afflicted with addiction, many can live through egos and have out-of-control self-importance. In sobriety, the ego has to go.

Finding a higher power wasn’t difficult when I realized the arrogance of thinking there was nothing more significant than myself; it was important to have humility in understanding my place in the world.

The key is finding a source of inspiration and strength that resonates. By connecting with this greater force, individuals can find support and guidance in their sobriety journey, helping them feel less alone and more empowered in their recovery.

Finding a higher power is synonymous with finding humility and recognizing that our existence isn’t as unique as we think. Don’t overcomplicate your higher power—it’s something more significant than you but necessary to realize our place in the Universe.

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